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  • I have to say I was astonished by the quality of the Realo Estimate. [...] I found the report very feature complete and I have to say that I already promoted Realo to multiple friends.
    Jonas, Geneva
  • The Realo Estimate was accurate, the intel in the report was useful. I was really impressed by the precision! I wish Realo all the best on the French market!
    Maurus, Zürich

Complete and transparent Real estate appraisal

Not only does Realo offer owners and home seekers value estimations for every home in the country, Realo also offers a full-featured estimate report containing all the details as to how the property was valued.

Featured in every estimate report:

  • Get an overview of some recent and comparable transactions in the area
  • Follow-up on the estimate evolution: you’ll get an evolution of the estimate up to the last 25 years
  • The average asking price of the neighborhood is compared with other close-by neighborhoods
  • Find out more information about the accessibility of nearby amenities and discover the mobility score of the property

*The Realo Estimate® combines over 450 algorithmic variables based on the address. Learn more


Keep up to date with all your properties.

Every home you request the estimate for gets added to one handy to use dashboard where you can keep track of all the properties you own or are interested in.

New features get added constantly

We’re constantly working on new features and improving our platform. Realo users will be the first to be notified about these features. Becoming a Realo user is completely free.


Empower your business.

Are you professional interested in using the Realo Estimate for your company? We can offer custom API integrations, company branded valuation reports or any other specific/custom business application.

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